Hello and welcome to Elysian Haze! My name is Alexandrina, but you can call me Lexie. And Elysian Haze? It’s a space that will be filled with outdoor adventures and posts all about becoming better – for yourself and the planet.

I want to inspire you to explore nature, live consciously and move mindfully.

You’ll find a range of content here (eventually), ranging from hike reviews, bikepacking adventures, and sustainability tips to self-development advice. And I’m excited to start sharing my favourite hikes and adventures with you, along with content on how to live a more conscious lifestyle.

I’m not sure how often I will post, nor do I want to make any promises. If I go on an adventure, you can be sure I’ll post about it. If inspiration hits me, you can be sure I’ll publish some content. I want Elysian Haze to be a space of inspiration and love for all of us. And if I create a set routine, I fear it will become a chore that I’d rather forget about. I don’t want that to happen.

However, in saying that, I will try and publish several posts for you over the coming weeks. The reason? I’ve hit reset and given Elysian Haze a new look and a fresh start. So, it’s a little empty at the moment – and I want to change that.

This post isn’t anything exciting. It’s just a welcome post to let you all know what’s happening – for new and old readers.

I cannot wait for what’s to come, and I hope you’re all excited too.

I hope that Elysian Haze becomes a space that inspires all of us to live our best lives.

You can read more about Elysian Haze here. Get in touch with me here. You can follow me on Instagram or subscribe on YouTube if Elysian Haze sounds like your kind of thing. And if you’d like to see what adventures I get up to, you can follow me on Strava.

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