The Mount Pleasant Summit Trail has quickly become my favourite, so I wanted to share it with you. It’s not too difficult and provides a variety of views within the circuit. It’s a hidden gem through the forest if you’re after a moderate hike.

The Mount Pleasant Summit Trail

The Mount Pleasant Summit Trail is completely customisable to suit your walking distance and taste. It also offers customisation if you want to cycle it or walk it by horse. You’re also provided with two starting options. One is off Glen Devon Road and the other is off Cricks Mill Road. Both are just outside of Mount Pleasant.

The trail takes you through Mount Crawford Forest and provides some incredible views of Mount Crawford, Little Mount Crawford and even the Wirra Wirra peaks. Some of it joins up with the Kidman Trail and you more than likely have the trail to yourself, besides the occasional animal.

While it is called the Mount Pleasant Summit Trail, the trail takes you next to the summit and not on it. However, if you would like to “climb” the summit, you’ll notice a small hill shape on top of the hill along circuit one. The view is limited due to trees, but the lookout provided has a nice picnic spot that has a much better view of its surroundings. This is all easily accessed by the Glen Devon Road entrance.

Throughout the trail, you’ll find trail marker maps, like the photo below. Some of them are incredibly faded from the sun whereas others are readable, just a little bit dirty (like this one). As you can see the trail is broken up into three circuits with options for horse riding and cycling as some sections are walking only.

Mount Pleasant Summit Trail map, located along the trail.

Trail facts:

Distance – 4.7-11.5km
Duration – 1-4 hours
Difficulty – Moderate
Terrain – Undulating (varies from forest dirt road tracks to loose rocks to bush)
Region – outskirts of the Barossa Valley
Country – Peramangk country
Distance From Adelaide – Cricks Mill Road entrance: approx 56km and 1 hour 10 minutes drive (search Cromer Picnic Area). Glen Devon Road entrance: approx 68km and 1 hour 15 minutes drive (search Mount Pleasant Summit).

For more information click here to see Walking SA’s information on the Mount Pleasant Summit Trail. There are also GPX and KML files for you to download.

Personal experience from hiking the trail

I’ve hiked this trail a few times. The first time was with a friend from the Glen Devon Road entrance, the second was just circuit three with my mum, and the third was the whole trail from the Cricks Mill Road entrance by myself. I’ve seen emus, kangaroos and deer along this trail as well. It’s easy to follow and walking the full 11.5km took me 2.5 hours. My watch tracked 11.2km, but that could also be the fact that I started at Cricks Mill Road rather than the Glen Devon Road entrance.

Instead of using GPX/KML files, I use Avenza Maps to show where I am on the trail. I didn’t need to check but did just to see how far along I was.

Hiking the trail

While the trail is customisable, it is important to note that some fitness is required. I’d say this trail is on the easier side of moderate. Circuit three is easy to do, but there is a section of rocks while going downhill which could cause you to become unbalanced if you’re not careful. There are some hills leading up to the summit, but nothing overly strenuous.

If you would like to reach the summit you can take a closer look at my Strava activity to see where I stray from the path to reach it. And if you’re using Avenza Maps it shows where you are in relation to the summit.

I’m also very happy snappy when I’m by myself. So, I took a lot of photos to share with you. Some of which (40+) I’ve shared with you below.

I’d highly recommend this trail to do at least once. It’s quiet and the perfect spot to have a picnic along the way. The fact that it’s customisable means there is something for almost everyone.

And don’t forget to let me know if you’ve hiked it.

If you like these kinds of posts or would like to see more hiking recommendations be sure to check out my Hiker Review category. It’s where I share different hikes and trails for you to explore.

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