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  1. infinitelyadaydreamer says

    Brilliant post! I used to practice yoga regularly back in 2018.. probably for about an hour and a half a day. I saw a lot of benefits and was able to reach some of my fitness goals through this. I followed yoga with adriene videos. Never did enjoy downward dog though, haha!

  2. arshia says

    This is all so true! My mom’s been into yoga since forever and she’s always tried to get me into it, but somehow it never interested me. Nowadays I do feel like incorporating a little bit of yoga after my normal workout, just to experiment around with a more wholesome fitness routine.

    • Alexandrina Seager says

      Yes, I definitely agree! I’m also trying to improve my flexibility and while writing this post it made me even more determined to keep at it. I hope you accomplish your goal!

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