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An August Life Update: What has been Happening?

I need to pull myself together. It’s simple. I know what I have to do, but why is it...

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I did yoga for 30 days: here’s what happened

Never in my life, did I think I would be writing this; to say that I did yoga every...

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Live Softly: A Case Review

I have a laptop. I also have a habit of just taking it everywhere without a case. And, well,...

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Taking control of my life

I’ve been in a lull lately, and I’m ready to get out of it. I’m sick of just existing....

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My 7 goals for March 2021

March has already begun, and I’m still let wondering where February went. March is always a busy month for...

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Another chapter

When it comes to blogging, I always struggle to find peace with how Elysian Haze looks. I’m indecisive and...

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Hey there! Iโ€™m Alexandrina, but you can call me Lexie! Iโ€™m a twenty-year-old who is all about becoming better through levelling up my lifestyle. I'm all about becoming the best version of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally while living a slow and sustainable life.